Tulum Travel Guide: Where To Eat & Stay

LOCATION:Tulum, Mexico

When I arrived in Tulum, I was expecting to like this little beach getaway but I never expected to fall in love with this place as much as I did. Just a two hour ride from Cancun airport, you will find yourself in Tulum Quintana Roo, a place some would describe as the Bali of Mexico. Tulum is the largest community in the municipality of Quintana Roo and is located on the Caribbean coast of the state. It’s the most charming beach area where the food is fresh and healthy, the shops are unique and authentic and the hotel’s interiors are picture perfect. Not to mention, the gorgeous white sand beaches that run along the entire main strip. This laid back local attitude in Tulum, will have you rethinking the way you live your life. I can’t say enough good things about this place, so the best way I know how to is to recommend that you book a flight ASAP and follow my guide below on the best places to eat, shop and stay!

Photography by: ERIN LEYDON


There is no short of gorgeous hotels along the beachside in Tulum! Each spot is unique in it’s own way and you are able to roam them fairly freely, which allowed us to hop over to each one for food and drinks! We stayed at Be Tulum, a hotel so well decorated in it’s natural habitat, everywhere you look you will want to take a picture! When we first arrived, the concierge took us up a flight of stairs to our own little villa in the trees. Our spot included a balcony, an outdoor shower and large jacuzzi all surrounded by palm trees, allowing you to feel like you were in your own private getaway. The entire hotel’s interior is comprised with beautiful textured woods, natural tapestry and stone accents. Once you move on from being visually enthralled, you will then fall in love with the delicious fresh food and gracious staff! I honestly have never had a better Acai bowl in my life! Highly recommend booking a spot here and if you can afford it, upgrade to a room with a private pool.


Although we didn’t get a chance to stay here, we popped on over for a dinner and a walk one day and it did not disappoint! If Be Tulum is booked up, I would check out Nomade!


The pathway to Posada Margherita’s dining area is worth the trip alone! It’s rustic decor is so well done, you will have your camera out every few steps you take. Once you hit the restaurant at the end, enjoy delicious Italian food and divine cocktails.


The gorgeous coffee table book of Hartwood has been sitting on my bookshelf for months and after reading all about how wonderful this restaurant is and the owners who started it,  I was incredibly eager to try it out. Unfortunately, the week we were there they were shut down for maintenance — all the more reason to come back to Tulum!


I’m still dreaming about these tacos! If want to skip the meat but not the flavour then don’t miss hitting up Charly’s Vegan Tacos – bold taste, fresh ingredients and you won’t leave feeling like you need to take a siesta. It’s a great lunch spot after browsing local shops in the area.


A rustic restaurant that uses fresh local ingredients with a strong Argentina influence.

A nice dinner spot that serves a little twist on classic Mexican dishes.

Raw Love
If you don’t make it to Be Tulum, head here for Acai bowls or anything else in the superfood category!



A great post dinner spot! A mezcal bar in the jungle!


Tequila + live music at night…need I say more.

A cute little spot on the side of the road, where you can swing under the trees, cool down with iced matcha drinks and people watch.

Dos Ojas
El Pit
Gran Cenote

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